General Plan/Local Coastal Plan

The General Plan was adopted by the City Council on November 24, 1992 and certified by the Coastal Commission on May 18, 1993.
Amendments Incorporated
Circulation Yes adopted by CC 2019-03-05 w/CCC mods
Conservation / Open Space Yes
Design Yes
Facilities No Changes
Growth Management No Changes
Housing Yes
Land Use Yes
Noise No Changes
Parks, Recreation, and Access Yes
Safety No Changes

Adopted Amendments  

  • R-1998-071: Changed policies on Dinosaur Caves (Amended)
  • R-2000-024: Housing Element policies on Affordable Housing
  • R-2002-031: Drive-through Policy to permit some drive-through uses outside the Coastal Zone
  • R-2003-050: Downtown Amendments: Consolidated and Modified Districts
  • R-2004-010: Policies on Park and Recreation Facilities in the Los Robles del Mar Specific Plan
  • R-2004-052: Minor Amendments: Driveway width, hillside development, density
  • R-2005-052: Amends Oak Park Heights, Pacific Estates Subarea N-3 Specific Development Criteria
  • R-2006-045: Permitting minor expansions for residential uses downtown
  • R-2008-006: Prohibiting subdivision of low density and open space lots
  • R-2008-010: Change from medium density to high density on seven Wadsworth lots
  • R-2011-072: Amends General Plan Policy D-30
  • R-2013-019: Amends LU Figures in Planning Area C-I, and Tables PR-1 and 4, Figures PR-1 and 3
  • R-2013-020: Amends PR-4, PR-11, PR-7
  • R-2013-031: Amends Planning Area A
  • R-2013-039: General Plan Local Coastal Plan Update (not incorporated with this document)
  • R-2014-029: Changes to LU-A-11 and LU-B-4
  • R-2018-046:  Circulation Element Update  Repealed by R-2019-019
  • R-2019-019:  Circulation Element Update with CCC approval - Rescinding Resolution R-2018-046