Goals & Goal-Setting

Fiscal Year 2020 & 2021 City Goals

Following extensive community outreach and engagement, the Council incorporated the community’s input to set City goals for Fiscal Years 2020 and 2021. The Major City Goals represent the most important, highest priority goals for the City to accomplish over the next two years, and as such, resources to support these goals will be included in the Fiscal Year 2020 & 2021 Budgets.  

Our Vision for Pismo Beach
  • Provide a safe place
  • Maintain its small beach town character
  • Manage growth effectively
  • Enhance a vibrant tourist-based economy, while becoming a world-renowned tourist destination

 Major City Goals

  • WATER SUPPLY, CONSERVATION AND CENTRAL COAST BLUE. Continue to improve the City's water supply, including conservation, with special focus on implementation of Central Coast Blue including commitments from partner agencies and public outreach and education.
  • DOWNTOWN PARKING. Continue work on downtown parking solutions, including a parking structure.
  • LOCAL COASTAL PLAN/GENERAL PLAN/ZONING. Update the Local Coastal Plan, General Plan and Zoning, emphasizing issues important to the community, such as managed growth, appropriate design and neighborhood preservation.
  • DOWNTOWN IMPROVEMENTS AND PIER PLAZA. Continue efforts to keep the downtown attractive and prosperous, with special focus on completing the pier plaza and related improvements, and façade enhancements.
  • BELLO STREET AND OLD CITY HALL. Complete plans and begin implementation of police/fire station improvements, preservation of the old school house and the disposition of the public tennis courts at the old city hall.

 Other Important Objectives 

  • BLUFF PROTECTION AND BEACH ACCESS. Continue work on implementing bluff protection and improved beach access, with high priority to replacing the stairway at Morro and completing Ocean Boulevard bluff protection, and infrastructure along Cypress.
  • TRAFFIC CIRCULATION. Continue to implement the Circulation Element with special focus on solutions to downtown traffic.
  • COMMUNITY CHOICE ENERGY. Explore the possibility of instituting a community choice energy option in Pismo Beach and initiate an implementation strategy if deemed feasible and desirable.

Address as Resources Permit

  • CHAPMAN ESTATE. Inventory contents of the Chapman Estate and secure funds for upgrades and maintenance.
  • SPANISH SPRINGS/GREENBELT. Work toward acquisition of the Spanish Springs property and link with the Pismo Preserve to create a more complete greenbelt around Pismo Beach.
  • EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS. Examine existing emergency preparedness plans; identify and implement enhancements to evacuation plans and alert/notification measures.
  • HIGH PRIORITY STREET PAVING. Identify streets in need of immediate paving work and implement needed improvements as soon as possible.
  • USE OF ASSESSMENT DISTRICTS. Develop a program to encourage the formation of assessment districts in neighborhoods where there is support for undergrounding utilities and/or upgrading drainage infrastructure.
  • EXTEND PROMENADE NORTH OF THE PIER. Consider feasibility of promenade extension north of Main Street.
  • WASTE RECYCLING. Identify locations suitable for public recycle bins and install those facilities to encourage recycling and reduce litter.