Vacation House Checks

The Pismo Beach Police Department Offers Vacation House Checks
Thanks to the dedicated men and women of our Pismo Beach Police Volunteers, the Pismo Beach Police Department is able to conduct periodic checks of your residence while you are away.

This involves a drive-by of your residence to check for conditions that appear out of the ordinary. Our volunteers will visually inspect the exterior of your home. If everything is in order, they will move on to the next home. If not, our Communications Center is notified and a Police Officer is dispatched to your home to assess the situation and if necessary take law enforcement action. This is not a guarantee that a home cannot be vandalized or broken into; it is a reassurance program to better determine a time of occurrence if your home is criminally violated.

This program has been very successful over the years. It provides the Police Department with an extra set of eyes in our neighborhoods to look after vacant homes, an all too common target for burglars. It also provides you, the homeowner, with extra peace of mind so you can enjoy your vacation.

Since this is only one way to help with the safety of your home, make sure you take the necessary steps when planning to be away. Stop your mail and paper, or have a neighbor pick them up each day. Also have a trusted neighbor keep an eye on your house and pick up any literature or packages that may be left on your doorstep.  Any suspicious activity or vehicles at your home should be reported to the Police.

Please print, complete and sign the Vacation House Check Form at least one week prior to your absence. You can email the completed form to or drop it off in the lobby of the Pismo Beach Police Department. Your residence will automatically be removed from our house check list on the date you provide. If you return early or late, please contact our Communications Center at 805-773-2208 so we can note the adjustment.