Shell Beach Road Streetscape Project

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Current Events

On June 19, 2018 the City Council unamiously approved the Shell Beach Streetscape project. The contractor is John Madonna Construction Co., Inc. and construction is anticipated to begin in late August. A project kick-off celebration is scheduled for August 24, 2018 that will include music, games, food and culminate with a movie night at Dinosaur Caves Park! Please see the flyer below for more information. 

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Streetscape Kickoff Flyer

Project Description

The City has developed plans to reconstruct an 18 block section of Shell Beach Road in downtown Shell Beach between Cliff Avenue (Dinosaur Caves Park) and Terrace Avenue (Shell Beach Elementary). Following the City's Complete Streets guidelines, the project will improve safety and livability in the community for all users of all ages and abilities by reconstructing the roadway, adding an 8 foot wide multi-use path to accommodate bicycles and pedestrians, and bring sidewalks into ADA-compliance. This multi-use path will create new options for bicycle commuters and bring economic and health benefits to communities along the path. The City will also be upgrading existing water infrastructure, and the undergrounding of existing overhead utilities.

Project Goal

The city's goal is to build and maintain Shell Beach Road for a healthy business district and vibrant neighborhood while designing for all modes of transportation to improve our health, safety and economy. Review the Shell Beach Road Improvements online.

Project Highlights


  • Increases transportation choices with a "Complete Streets" design to safely and comfortably provide for the needs of all users and accommodates cars, transit, bicyclists and pedestrians.
  • Supports efficient transportation alternatives, improving air quality and the health of Shell Beach residents.
  • Reduces downtown driving by facilitating a "park once" concept, in which visitors and workers park in one location and then utilize the facilities to travel to various destinations.
  • Improves and enhances the neighborhood and the economic vitality of downtown Shell Beach by drawing people to shop, live, and work in a walk-able, livable community.
  • Enhances access and promotes safe walking and biking for residents and visitors by creating sidewalks and bike paths by encouraging multi-modal use along Shell Beach Road, which is designated as a bike route.

Project Benefits

This multi-use bicycle and pedestrian path project will enhance safety by providing cyclists with facilities that are removed from vehicular traffic. The path will offer residents a safe and convenient alternative to driving. The project will connect neighborhoods to jobs and services while enabling bicycle and walking trips to schools, transit and parks for residents and visitors.

Active Transportation

The complete streets network will promote active transportation and enhance the health of Shell Beach residents. The Shell Beach Road corridor is included on the citywide Pismo Beach Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan and is a key connector to downtown Pismo Beach. The proposed traffic calming improvements are expected to reduce vehicular speeds. These improvements aim to create a multimodal space that is safe for all users.

Economic Development

The project will stimulate economic development in downtown Shell Beach while improving pedestrian safety and mobility by improving transportation options and the overall livability of the neighborhoods with sidewalks, access and general aesthetic improvements to the Shell Beach Road corridor.

Project Design

The overall project objectives are to design and construct the Shell Beach Road Streetscape - Phase 1 Project improvements that are consistent with previously prepared design concept plans (Shell Beach Road Streetscape - Phase 1 and the Pismo Beach Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan) approved by the City Council.

View from Shell Beach Road (south of Windward Avenue), facing north
View from Shell Beach Road (south of Windward Avenue), facing north, showing proposed multi-use path
View from Shell Beach Road (north of Pier Avenue), facing south
View from the new multi-use path (north of Pier Avenue), facing south, showing proposed multi-use pa
View from the South Beach Road - Windward Avenue intersection, facing north
View from the Shell Beach Road - Windward Avenue intersection, facing north, showing the proposed mu
View along sidewalk (north of Pier Avenue), facing south
View along sidewalk (north of Pier Avenue), facing south, showing proposed bulb outs, plantings, sit