Shell Beach Road Streetscape Project

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Current Events

On June 19, 2018 the City Council unanimously approved the Shell Beach Streetscape project. The contractor is John Madonna Construction Co., Inc. and construction is scheduled to begin in late August. A project kick-off celebration was held on Friday, August 24, 2018.

A tentative construction schedule is below. This information will be updated often, so check back frequently.

Updated as of 10/10/19

PG&E is beginning to energize the new underground system which will require power outages. PG&E has sent notices to affected property owners notifying them of the date and time of the outage.
PG&E crews will also begin night work starting October 26th and lasting approximately one week.

 Start Date  End Date  Location Activity
8/21/19  10/24/19 Shell Beach Road - Cliff to Terrace PG&E installing wire
8/21/19 11/12/19 1465 Shell Beach Rd  Parking lot construction
8/21/19 10/14/19 Shell Beach Rd at Windward Storm drain construction
8/21/19  10/14/19 Shell Beach Rd at Esparto Storm drain construction
9/27/19 10/16/19 Shell Beach Rd - Cliff to Terrace Install ADA access ramps along Caltrans fence for multi-use path
10/3/19 10/23/19 Shell Beach Rd - Cliff to Terrace Tie in new water system to existing on the side streets