Bello Bridge Replacement

Bello Bridge Replacement Project

The Bello Bridge was competed in 1913 and provided a crossing over the Pismo Creek as the city developed a link between Bello Street and Frady Lane. Sadly, in 1983 the bridge was deemed to be unsafe and closed to the public.

Under a federal program the city has received 100% of the funding needed to replace this bridge.  Once complete, the new Bello Bridge will provide for faster response times from Police, Fire and Public Works to many areas of town, and also provide greater access to the U.S. 101 northbound onramp on Bello by those at the southern end of Highway 1.

On April 21, 2020 City Council awarded a contract to Papich Construction Co., Inc. to complete the project. Construction is expected to begin in June of 2020.
Bello Bridge with a "Bridge Closed" sign