What’s Happening
The city has started the development of a Vision Statement and Strategic Plan for the Pismo Beach Downtown Core. Developing a plan for the Downtown’s future is a goal of the City Council and will help guide how the Pismo Beach Downtown will change over time.

R/UDAT Study
Other studies and planning efforts have been conducted in the past - one of the most extensive was the R/UDAT Study done in the 1980’s.
Pismo Beach illustration
This was an early and well thought out effort to guide the future of the Downtown. A lot of years have passed since this study was completed, so now is time to carefully review the Downtown and see what opportunities lay ahead. Note - Copies of the R/UDAT Study are available in the office of the Pismo Beach Community Development Department.

RRM Design Group
RRM Design Group from San Luis Obispo is a local multi-disciplined planning firm with years of experience that has been hired to assist the city in developing a plan and vision. Their talented team will be working closely with City Officials, City Staff, and the Public in the development of a Downtown Plan that will be tailored to address the unique characteristics of Pismo Beach

Public participation is a key element in the development of a vision and plan for the Downtown - check in with this website frequently for notification on up-coming workshops and meetings:
  • A public workshop at the Pismo Beach Veterans Hall on Bello Street held in November was well attended by citizens, property owners, and business owners. Lots of information was offered and collected that will help guide the RRM Team in the development of a vision statement and goals that will help form the basis for the strategic plan.
Parts of Downtown Included
The Vision Statement and Strategic Plan will cover the Downtown Core, depicted in the following diagram.
Downtown Core R/UDAT diagram
Next Steps
The RRM consultant team and city staff are carefully reviewing the comments and ideas collected at the November Workshop and are using this to create a draft vision statement and goals for the downtown! Another workshop is slated for early February at which the community will be provided with an opportunity to comment and provide further feedback and direction that will then go on to form the Downtown Plan.

Following the February Workshop, the consultant team and staff will work to develop the Strategic Plan - a draft of which will then be released and made available for additional comment and feedback. When this process is complete, the Draft Strategic Plan, along with the Vision Statement will be scheduled for hearing before the Parking Advisory Committee, Planning Commission, Parks, Recreation and Beautification Commission, and then the City Council.

Downtown Images
There are many images that come to mind when one thinks of the Pismo Beach Downtown - following are a few images, both from the past and present that show case what has, and, what will continue to make Pismo Beach a unique destination.
Cheles Pomeroy
Sunset Pier
Fireworks at the beach
Pismo Beach General Plan
The Pismo Beach General Plan currently guides land use decisions for the downtown. Please review the sections of the current Land Use Element of the General Plan which is a resource whenever a land use application for the downtown comes before the city.

Downtown Vision
Information coming soon.