City Rules for Pets

DOGS:   Leash Law
Any person owning and/or possessing a dog must keep the animal on a leash not exceeding six feet in length. Further, the leash must be held by a person capable of controlling such dog. 

Exceptions. A dog can be unleashed under any of the following circumstances:
   1.   When the dog is on private property of the owner or of another who has consented and is either:
   a.   Contained on the enclosed property of the owner or of another who has consented, or
   b.   Is under control of a person who is in the presence of the dog; or
   2.   When the dog is assisting a peace officer who is engaged in law enforcement duties; or
   3.   When the dog is in designated parks, as specified in a resolution of the city council. (Ord. 2000-01 (part), 2000)

For more information on dog license, please reference Municipal Code Section 6.12  

GOATS AND CHICKENS:  Animals and Poultry at Large
For City rules on raising animals as pets, or housing them in corrals, please reference  Municipal Code Section 6.20