Water Conservation Incentive Programs

​On October 4, 2022, the City Council updated the Water Conservation Incentive Programs designed to help you save water. The programs are described below. For more information on the application process, please view the application form for the program you are interested in.

Visit our Water Conservation Website for water conservation tips at:


Cash for Grass Rebate Program

Beginning on October 5, 2022 this program will reimburse residents $2.00 for every square foot of lawn removed and replaced with drought tolerant landscaping. New landscaping will be required to have drip or micro spray irrigation and be on an automatic timer. To qualify for a rebate, see the terms and conditions on the application form

Rebate Amount   Minimum Rebate Amount  Maximum Rebate Amount
 $2.00 per ft² of grass removed
 $600 (300 ft²   LOTS < 4,750 ft²) $1,000 (500 ft²  LOTS ≥ 4,750 ft²)
 $10,000 (5,000 ft² or more of grass removed)

High Efficiency Toilet Rebate 

This program will provide a one-time rebate up to $100 for each 3.5 gallon per flush or higher replaced with a 1.28 gallon per flush or lower toilet. The rebate may be applied to the purchase and installation of a high-efficiency toilet which replaces a non-efficient toilet, not to exceed $100 per toilet. The applicant may choose to apply the full rebate to the purchase price and either pay for installation or install the unit themselves. To qualify for a rebate see terms and conditions on the application form