Special Events


Thank you for choosing the City of Pismo Beach for your event. We welcome activities for our residents and visitors. The City has established a process for permitting Special Events that are conducted by the private sector to use City streets, facilities or services. We realize that Special Events enhance the Pismo Beach lifestyle and provide benefits to our citizens through the creation of unique venues for expression and entertainment that are not normally provided as a part of governmental services.

Permit Required

Any person, group, or organization desiring to utilize any City property to conduct, promote, manage, aid, or solicit attendance at any Special Event, shall first obtain a Special Event Permit. A Special Event Permit Application is available online here or by contacting the Conference & Visitors Bureau at 805.773.7034, khuebner@pismobeach.org or visiting City Hall. The Special Event application must be submitted to the Conference & Visitors Bureau within 60 working days prior to the date of the event along with the application fee and required insurance.  

Approval Process

Pismo Beach Municipal Code Section 12.16 Permits for Special Events.