Mayor & Council Candidates

Candidate Information

This page contains information about Candidates for Mayor or City Council Member in the November 8, 2022 General Election, and their controlled committees. Candidates who file a Form 501 Statement of Intention and/or formal nomination papers will be shown on this page. In addition to candidates appearing on this page, write-in candidates may also qualify for the ballot

For information about General Purpose Committees, Primarily Formed Committees, and other recipient (campaign) committees not controlled by a Candidate, please see our Recipient Committees page.

Campaign Finance (FPPC) Filings

Campaign finance statements and other filings for all candidates and committees are available in the Access Pismo public records portal. Unredacted copies of campaign finance filings are available upon request from the Clerk's Office.

Candidate Statements (Statements of Qualification)

The public examination period for Candidate Statements runs for a period of 10 calendar days immediately following the filing deadline for nomination materials. Candidate Statements are available for review in the Access Pismo public records portal. To receive these statements in an alternative format, please email the City Clerk at or call 805-773-7003.

Candidates for Mayor (1 available seat)

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No current filings.

Candidates for City Council Member (2 available seats) 

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Name: Debora Ann Lossing
Ballot Designation: TBD
Date filed Form 501: January 26, 2021
Date filed nomination paperwork: TBD
Date qualified for ballot: Not yet qualified
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