Short-Term Rental License & Homestay Permits


On November 7, 2023, City Council adopted an Ordinance (O-2023-006) precluding the issuance of new short-term rental licenses in the City. Only those licenses issued at the time of the Ordinance's effective date of December 5, 2023, are considered valid licenses.

The use of single-family homes as short-term rentals has become increasingly more common. Chapters 17.0917.113, and 5.22 of the Pismo Beach Municipal Code (PBMC) provide a set of standards regulating the renting or leasing of residential properties. The STR Ordinance also ensures that STRs do not become a nuisance to the community. At the City of Pismo Beach, all owners of short-term rental units are required to obtain a business license and Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) Certificate for the operation of a STR. Hosting platforms such as Airbnb, and VRBO must follow the STR Ordinance. 

To report a Short-Term Rental concern or violation, contact the STR hotline at (800) 866-4301. Please make sure you include the full address of the location you are calling about.  

Where are Short-Term Rentals (STRs) allowed?

Short-Term Rentals / Homestays may only be permitted in detached single-family homes in the following zones: R-1, RSL, PR, OS, OS-1, and RSM (PBMC 17.113.030, 17.09.030). In addition, detached single-family homes in the R-2 and R-3 zones may also be permitted (PBMC 17.113.030). Duplexes, triplexes, and/or similar attached multi-family developments are ineligible to be used as Short-Term Rentals.

Short-Term Rental and Vacation Rental Zones Map (Final)-01

Short-Term Rental Allowed Map (Final)-02

Short-Term Rental Not Allowed Map (Updated)-03

Vacation Rental Allowed Map (Updated)-04

Currently Approved Short-Term Rentals

Below is a list of currently approved short term rentals in Pismo Beach

  • 2573 Barcelona Street
  • 143 Beachcomber Drive
  • 402 Bettiga Way
  • 262 Boeker
  • 109 Capistrano Avenue
  • 251 Capistrano Avenue
  • 234 Castaic Avenue
  • 2501 Coburn Lane
  • 311 Cuyama Avenue
  • 325 Cuyama Avenue
  • 530 Harloe Avenue
  • 107 Indio Drive
  • 116 Naomi Avenue
  • 251 Palomar Avenue
  • 342 Palomar Avenue
  • 122 Santa Fe Avenue
  • 147 Seacliff Drive
  • 960 Tulare Street
  • 991 Tulare Street
  • 981 Wadsworth Avenue
  • 177 Windward Avenue

How do I get a Short-Term Rental or Homestay Permit? 

Follow the steps below. Please note the Required Documents section below. Links to STR regulations and documents are provided at the bottom of this page. 

STR Application Process Diagram (Updated)-01

 Step 1: Apply for a Short-Term Rental or

         Homestay Permit

  • Confirm that your property is located within one of the zones that allow for Short-Term Rentals / Homestays
  • Complete a Short-Term Rental / Homestay Application. Note: Only property owners can apply for an STR permit. 
  • Community Development to review application and complete inspections. Allow for 2 to 3 weeks to set up an inspection to verify parking, bedrooms, and safety requirements.
  • Approval / Denial of permit. If approved: Move to Step 2. 
  • Please note the Required Documents section below. Those items must be submitted with the Short-Term Rental or Homestay Permit Application. 

Step 2: STR Inspection - Code Compliance

Prior to issuance of a STR or homestay license, the City will conduct an inspection of the subject property to confirm:

  • Bedroom count
  • On-site parking 
  • The STR meets safety standards outlined in the Inspections Checklist
  • *If complaints are received about STR or homestay operations, the City shall have the right to re-inspect the property.  

Step 3: Public Courtesy Notice

As part of the licensing process, property owners within 300 feet of the subject licensed property will be notified about the intent to operate said property as an STR or homestay.  

  •  All properties within 300 feet of the short-term rental                           will be notified
  • The notice will include contact information for the property owner and responsible party. 

Step 4: Apply for a Business License

  • Community Development to notify applicant to apply for business license online
  • Once approved, pay business license fee online
  • Each property owner must have a valid business license
  • Each property manager must have a valid business license (for the City of Pismo Beach) 

  Step 5: Finance to issue TOT Certificate

  • Finance to issue Applicant TOT Certificate of Authority and provide information of submitting TOT/LBID/TMD
  • For TOT/LBID/TMD collection, property owner or manager to submit TOT/LBID/TMD form per each business license each month
  • If property manager to e-file on behalf of property owner, then property manager shall provide a list of properties on an annual basis (July), with monthly updates as needed. 
  • For information on reporting TOT / LBID / TMD, please visit our Lodging Business webpage. 

 Step 6: Annual Monitoring Program

The City conducts annual Short-Term Rental monitoring in accordance with Pismo Beach Municipal Code (PBMC) Section 17.113.060 and 17.09.060. Property Owners must submit the following documents to the Community Development Department on an annual basis to confirm proof of primary residency:

  • Driver's License or State Issued ID
  • Previous year income tax documents
  • Vehicle registration
  • Voter registration
  • Utility Bill (s)
  • Tax documentation showing Homeowner's Exemption (if applicable) 

Short-Term Rental Application: Required Documents

Applicants will need to supply the following materials as part of their Short-Term Rental or Homestay Permit application. Please note that while these items do not need to be drawn by a professional, they must include the dimensions.

STR Required Documents Diagram-02

  1. Application and Good Neighbor Policy
  2. Application Fee: $415
  3. Site Plan: This attachment must show the location of all existing buildings on the property, and the location and dimensions of any on-site parking. 
  4. Floor Plan: This attachment must show all rooms within the home, labeled by room type.
  5. Mailing Service Fee: $207 - Notification to all the properties located within a 300 ft radius of the STR. This fee must be paid in addition to the Application Fee.  
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