Water & Wastewater Rate Changes 2024 to 2028

The Pismo Beach City Council will hold a Public Hearing on the proposed increases to water and wastewater rates. The Public Hearing will be held at the following time and place:

                     Date:         Tuesday, October 17, 2023

           Time:         6:00 p.m.

           Place:        Pismo Beach City Hall, Council Chamber

                             760 Mattie Road, Pismo Beach, CA 93449

The Public Hearing will cover the proposed rate increases (January 2024 through January 2028) for water and wastewater/sewer services. This notice is provided to all property owners and customers who currently receive either of these services provided by the City of Pismo Beach. If adopted, the proposed rate increases would become effective January 1, 2024 and will be reflected on the January and February 2024 bills. All interested persons are invited to appear at the time and place specified to give oral or written testimony, as well as written protests, regarding the proposed fees.

What is the impact on a typical Single-Family Residential Customer?

Your utility bill is determined by the type of residence or business you have, the water meter size at your address, and your water consumption. The average Single-Family Residential home consumes 14 hundred cubic feet (HCF) of water over the two-month billing cycle. 

The following table assumes a typical Single-Family Residential home with a ¾-inch meter consuming 14 HCF of water (over a two-month period), and illustrates the dollar and percent increase over the prior year.


Typical Single-Family Residential Utility Bill Impact

For impacts to other rate payers, including other residential and commercial properties, read on...

How Do the Rates Compare to Other Communities?

The rates remain in the middle of the range comparing water and wastewater bi-monthly bills to other communities surrounding Pismo Beach. This table uses rates in effect July 2023. The Pismo Beach January 1, 2024  rates reflect the rates that, if approved, would be reflected on the January and February 2024 bill.  Note: Pismo Beach rates include the Lopez/State Water parcel tax. 

Value of 1 Gallon of Water:  How does the cost per gallon of Pismo Beach water compare to other items?  

Pismo Beach water is less than $0.01 per gallon.

What Does My Utility Bill Pay For?

  • Clean, Safe, and Reliable Drinking Water
  • Protecting Public Health and the Environment with City’s Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • New Drought-Resistant Water Supply: Central Coast Blue Project for Water Sustainability
  • Maintaining Sustainable Water and Wastewater Systems

For more information, read on...

Proposed Water Rates

Proposed Wastewater Rates