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City of Pismo Beach
760 Mattie Road
Pismo Beach, CA 93449
Ph: (805) 773-4657
What do I do if I find an injured or loose animal?
The Dept of Animal Regulation should be contacted for further instruction. Their number is (805) 781-4400.


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1. Do you use volunteers?
2. Can I walk my dog on the beach?
3. What do I do if I find an injured or loose animal?
4. My neighbor’s dog barks constantly and at all hours. Who do I need to notify?
5. Can I camp on Pismo Beach?
6. Can I have a fire on Pismo Beach?
7. Can I drive a vehicle or ride a horse on Pismo Beach?
8. Can I dig for clams on Pismo Beach?
9. What is the weather like at Pismo Beach?
10. Does the department do fingerprinting?
11. What are your hours of operation?
12. Where is the Police Department located?
13. Can I get a Pismo Beach Police shoulder patch?
14. What permit(s) do I need to sell alcohol at an event?
15. How do I obtain an Alcoholic Beverage License?
16. How do I obtain a Carry Concealed Weapons Permit (CCW)?
17. Do I need a Fishing Permit/License to fish off the Pismo Beach pier?
18. How do I obtain a Taxi Permit with the City of Pismo Beach?
19. How do I request a ride-along?
20. Does the Police Department give tours?
21. Street Closures
22. Reports
23. Clearance Letters
24. Citation / Fix-it Stickers
25. Vehicle Releases
26. Victims' Rights