How can I participate in the Plan preparation?
There are numerous ways to participate:
• You can contact Gates + Associates at
• Come to the study session on Monday, August 31 at City Hall, City Council Chambers (760 Mattie Road) at 5:30 PM. Your comments on the Estate issues, opportunities and options will be most welcome.
• Participate in an on-line survey – coming soon!

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1. What will be included in the Chapman Estate Strategic Master Plan?
2. Will the Plan be mindful of other venues in the City and if/how the use of the Estate could be a source of competition?
3. What about the Conditional Use Permit the City approved for the Estate Grounds?
4. Will the Conditional Use Permit change when the Strategic Master Plan is approved?
5. Where can I find additional information on the City’s involvement with the Estate?
6. How can I participate in the Plan preparation?
7. When will the Plan be adopted and implemented?