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City of Pismo Beach
760 Mattie Road
Pismo Beach, CA 93449
Ph: (805) 773-4657
General Plan/Local Coastal Plan


The General Plan was adopted by the City Council on November 24, 1992 and certified by the Coastal Commission on May 18, 1993.
General Plan - Adopted in 1992           General Plan - Updated 10/10/2013

Elements        Amendments Incorporated
Circulation No Changes
Conservation/Open Space Yes
Design Yes
Facilities No Changes
Growth Management No Changes
  Housing Yes
Land Use Yes        
Noise No Changes          
Parks, Recreation & Access Yes
Safety No Changes
Adopted Amendments
R-1998-071 Changed policies on Dinosaur Caves (Amended)
R-2000-024 Housing Element policies on Affordable Housing 
R-2002-031 Drive-through Policy to permit some drive-through uses outside the Coastal Zone
R-2003-050 Downtown Amendments: Consolidated and Modified Districts
R-2004-010 Policies on Park and Recreation Facilities in the Los Robles del Mar Specific Plan
R-2004-052 Minor Amendments: Driveway width, hillside development, density
R-2005-052 Amends Oak Park Heights, Pacific Estates Subarea N-3 Specific Development Criteria
R-2006-045 Permitting minor expansions for residential uses downtown
R-2008-006 Prohibiting subdivision of low density and open space lots
R-2008-010 Change from medium density to high density on seven Wadsworth lots
  R-2011-072 Amends General Plan Policy D-30
  R-2013-019 Amends LU Figures in Planning Area C-I, and Tables PR-1&4, Figures PR-1&3
  R-2013-020 Amends PR-4, PR-11, PR-7
  R-2013-039 General Plan Local Coastal Plan Update (not incorporated with this document)