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City of Pismo Beach
760 Mattie Road
Pismo Beach, CA 93449
Ph: (805) 773-4657
Dinosaur Caves - Planning Area I

 Dinosaur Caves 1 - Planning Area I.png
 Dinosaur Caves 2 - Planning Area I.png
 ²Amended by R-1998-71

The Dinosaur Caves area contains the Shelter Cove Hotel, and a large vacant parcel. The area has historically been recommended for public acquisition but funds have not been available for this purpose until recently. The Dinosaur caves property was purchased and is owned by the Pismo Beach Public Financing Authority. The city of Pismo Beach has a long-term lease on the property. The vacant site currently is utilized by travelers, residents and recreational vehicles for day use. The open nature of the area allows for dramatic views of the coastline from Highway 101.²   

The edge of the bluffs is a potential geological hazard; portions of the bluffs have collapsed in recent years.
LU- Concept
The Dinosaur Caves Planning Area shall be oriented to open space, parks and visitor serving uses with related public lateral bluff-top access and open space. The area shall be designated Open Space and Resort Commercial. The highly scenic nature of this area and the protection of views from Highway 101 shall be emphasized in any future development. (See Parks and Recreation Element PR-16, Dinosaur Caves.)

LU-Vacant Dinosaur Caves Site
This property shall be designated for public park and open space uses which are visitor serving in nature. Non-visitor serving uses shall be prohibited Any future development shall be consistent with the following requirements:²

a.²     Bluff-top Conservation and Open Space Area Required   
All development, except for public access facilities, shall be set back from the top of the bluff as shown schematically in Figure LU-13. The extent of the bluff-top conservation and open space zone shall be a distance equal to the 100-year bluff retreat line plus an additional 50 feet. The extent of the 100-year bluff retreat shall be established through a site-specific study conducted by a qualified registered geologist. Permissible public access facilities within this zone shall be limited to paths or walkways, bicycle racks, observation decks or platforms, benches, picnic tables, and landscaping. Any facilities shall be a safe distance from the edge of the bluff, as determined by the geological study. 
²Amended by R-1998-71

b.     Landscaping
No landscaping shall, when mature, exceed the height of approved structures on the site nor cause additional view obstruction. All landscaping shall consist of drought tolerant, and to the greatest extent feasible, native species. Extensive lawns or other large areas of grass exceeding two acres in size shall be prohibited. Total lawn or grass area shall not exceed 3 acres. Lawns and other grass areas should be located on the parts of the site nearest Shell Beach Road and Cliff Drive. No lawns or other areas of grass requiring irrigation shall be allowed closer than 150 feet from the bluff edge and the hole leading to the sea cave. Any landscaping within 150 feet of the bluff edge and the hole leading to the sea cave shall be drought tolerant. ²

c.     Public Access Facilities and Bluff Top Erosion
Public access facilities shall be designed and constructed to be easily moved to a more landward location if they become endangered by bluff erosion. For the pusposes of this policy, public access facilities means public paths, walkways, bicycle racks, observation decks or platforms, bences, and picnic tables. ²

d.     Protection of Scenic Highway Corridor
The height, bulk and scale of any development on the Dinosaur Caves property shall not detract from the ocean view from U.S. Highway 101. Heights of all structures shall be below the elevation of the nearest freeway travel lane. All structures and landscaping shall be designed to avoid any significant impairment of seaward views from highway 101. See also: ²

      Parks & Recreation          PR-16          Dinosaur Caves

LU- Sidewalks
Sidewalks along Price Street in the Dinosaur Caves Planning Area should not be located next to the curb but should be set back four to eight feet to allow for a landscaping buffer between the street and sidewalk.
²Amended by R-1998-71

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