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City of Pismo Beach
760 Mattie Road
Pismo Beach, CA 93449
Ph: (805) 773-4657
Half Cent Sales Tax

In June of 2008, the voters of Pismo Beach approved an increase of a half-cent in the local sales tax rate in order to provide the City of Pismo Beach additional monies to maintain and repair the City’s infrastructure including streets, storm drains, stairways to the beach, and sidewalks. The additional monies received from the tax are tracked in a special fund, called the Half-Cent Sales Tax/ Measure “C” Fund. Every penny generated by the additional Half Cent Sales Tax stays in Pismo Beach, to be used for the needs and services of our residents and the City.

Half Cent _ Bluff Protection Ocean Blvd II.jpg

Maintaining the City’s infrastructure is a vital responsibility of City government and an on-going maintenance requirement. In 2008, when this tax was approved by Pismo Beach voters, the cost estimates for potential infrastructure projects included $1.2 million in Storm Drain repairs, $4.8 million in Sidewalk repairs, and $10 million in Street paving repairs, for a total of $16 million. In five years, the $5.2 million collected from Half-Cent Sales Tax is less than one-third of the funding identified for infrastructure projects. Over the past five years, the City has received $5.2 million through the Half-Cent Sales Tax and has used these funds exclusively for paving streets citywide, our pier, and downtown sidewalk repairs. It is important to highlight that the City has used
these funds exclusively for infrastructure projects.

Proposed Projects
  • Street Paving
    • Dell Court / Price Canyon St.
    • Longview and Merced St.
  • Resurfacing
    • Shell Beach Rd
    • Basketball Courts
  • Pier Plaza Seawall
  • Downtown Sidewalk Repair
  • Boeker Street Overlook
  • Bluffs HOA Fence Repair
  • Encanto Storm Drain
  • Shell Beach Master Drainage Study
  • Heights and Downtown Master Drainage Study

Half Cent _Bluff Trail.jpg  Visitors pay 70% of this tax
and residents pay 30%, with residents receiving 100%
of the benefit in improved infrastructure, which improves safety, cost savings, and quality of life for the City’s residents.