Engineering Fee Schedule

Updated July 1, 2023

Public Improvement Plan Check & Inspection

5% of Engineer's Estimate

Final Parcel Map Review

$6,356 per map

Final Tract Map Review

$6,356 per map + $162 per lot for every lot over 4 lots

Final Condominium Map

$6,356 per map plus: $621 per unit

Final Map Amendment

$1,444 per application

Lot Line Adjustment Review

$1,496 per adjusted line

Lot Merger

$1,384 per application

Street Right of Way Abandonment

$7,894 deposit, plus charged full staff and professional expenses

Certificate of Compliance

$2,922 per application

Public Facilities Fee

$460 per unit for Residential, per lot for Commercial related to changing land divisions, including changes to a tract or parcel map

Counter Encroachment Permit

(Not Requiring Inspection)

$74 per permit

Encroachment Permit

(Requiring inspection of improvements or encroachment, minor private improvements or operations in the public right of way)

$248 per permit - surface encroachment

$542 per permit - subsurface encroachment

$1,177 per permit - annual encroachment permit for Utility Companies performing routine maintenance, not requiring trenching greater that 30 sq ft.

$1,177 per permit - large Utility Company projects requiring inspections/plan review with trenching up to 300 linear ft. Additional fee of $2/linear foot for anything over 300.

Encroachment Agreement

(Permit and formal agreement for major private improvements in the public right of way, requires Council approval)

$1,911 per application if a title report is needed then the costs are paid out of this fee.

Assessment District Apportionment

Parcel Map - $2,529 per apportionment          

Tract Map - $4,931 per apportionment plus $27 per parcel

Wide / Overweight / Long Load Review

Fees are set by California State Administrative Code 1411.3

$16 - daily permit

$90 - annual permit

Blueprint / Map Reproduction

$6 per sheet for in-house blueprinting

Actual per-sheet cost + 20% for outside blueprinting.

Document Reproduction

5 pages or less no charge

6+ pages: $0.25/page, B/W (8 1/2 x 11, 8 1/2 x 14, and 11 x 17) (including pages 1 - 5)

$0.10 FPPC copies - $0.10 per page per State law

$0.32 per page, for color

Engineering Standards

$25 per booklet

Business License

$14 – One time, job specific license

Bid Protest Fee

$293 - per protest for evaluation of bid protest