Shell Beach Road Streetscape Project

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Current Events

On June 19, 2018 the City Council unanimously approved the Shell Beach Streetscape project. The contractor is John Madonna Construction Co., Inc. 

A tentative construction schedule is below. This information will be updated often, so check back frequently.

Updated as of 11/2/2020

The City would like to hear from you on which option you prefer for the crosswalks in the Shell Beach Streetscape. The input collected will be presented to the Parks, Recreation, and Beautification Commission (PRBC) on November 12, 2020 for their consideration in assisting the City make its selection. Please rank your preference by selecting the number of stars to indicate your highest preference, and the lowest number of stars to show your least desired alternative. Each option has a cost (or credit) associated with it. If there are additional costs, the City will need to allocate additional funds to the project. If there is a credit, those funds would be anticipated to remain in the Shell Beach area for art beautification, as the original intent of the crosswalks was to have an art component.

Click here to provide your input by November 10, 2020.

Start Date End Date Location Activity
10/2/2020 12/2020 Shell Beach Road Contractor will be off site. Working out details of decorative crosswalks prior to installation. 

 Shell Beach Road at Terrace Ave, Vista del Mar, Cuyama Ave, Morro Ave
 Shell Beach Road at Terrace Ave, Vista del Mar, Cuyama Ave, Morro Ave