Water Master Plan and Urban Water Management Plan Updates

The 2010 Census shows the City of Pismo Beach has a population of approximately 7,711. However, as a vacation destination, the number of people served by the water system surges in the summer and holiday seasons. The City’s water system currently provides 1.5 million gallons on an average day. The existing Water Master Plan was adopted in 2004, and many of the projects identified in the Plan have been completed. The City is required to update its Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP) every five years, and the current UWMP was adopted in 2010.

The Water Master Plan and UWMP Updates will address one of Council’s top priorities identified in the last goal setting session, which is water supply and sustainability. The projects evaluate the effects of growth, densification, and conservation on the City’s water supply and distribution systems. The Water Master Plan will also prepare the City for a long-term strategy to renew existing assets. The UWMP will form an integrated component of the City’s long-term water planning strategy.

The City issued a Request for Proposals for both projects and Water Systems Consulting, Inc. (WSC) was selected and awarded a contract. 
WSC is completed the UWMP update in June 2016 and that update is available for review by clicking the link below. WSC is now working on the Water Master Plan update.