Façade Improvement Rebate Program

The City of Pismo Beach Façade Improvement Rebate Program provides an opportunity for commercial businesses in the City's commercial areas to receive up to $5,000 in matching reimbursement funds for pedestrian scale amenities that enhance the businesses "curb appeal." Eligible enhancements include:

  • Exterior decorative features visible from the street, such as paint, façade treatment, signage, fascia, canopies, awnings, parapets, and screening of roof-mounted equipment.
  • Decorative exterior lighting.
  • Minor landscaping and streetscaping directly related to the building's positive image.
  • Restoration of historic building façades.
  • Repair or replacement of entryways, exterior doors, and windows.
  • Removal of deteriorated signs and structures to improve the building façade.
  • Correction of building, health, and safety violations that apply to façade improvements. 

For more information, contact the Community Development Department's Planning Division at planning@pismobeach.org or 805-773-4658.