Clam Digging on Pismo Beach?

You must have a California fishing license from the Department of Fish and Wildlife and must follow these guidelines if you want to remove any from the beach. 

According to the law: 

  • Clams must measure 4 1/2" in diameter before they can be taken 
  • Undersized clams must be replaced in the very same hole that they were taken from
  • The limit for clamming is 10 clams per day, per person 
  • Each person must dig only their own limit of clams
  • Each person is required to keep a separate container for their clams and not commingle with clams taken by another person
  • Must possess a proper measuring device (Hydraulic pumps may not be used to take clams)
  • Legal Hours: half hour before sunrise to half hour after sunset
  • It is unlawful to be on any clam beach with any instrument capable of being used to dig clams during closed hours.

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