Why is sea level rise important to Pismo Beach?

While mid and long term increases in sea-level rise will undoubtedly cause significant flooding and tidal inundation, it is the short-term increases in sea-level rise that are expected to become the driver of the strongest impacts to infrastructure and coastal development in California. Short-term processes, including Pacific Basin climate fluctuations (Pacific Decadal Oscillation, El Niño Southern Oscillation, and North Pacific Gyre Oscillation), King tides (perigean high tides), seasonal cycles, and winter storms, will produce significantly higher ocean water levels along the California coast.

These short term processes, combined with sea-level rise and storm events could present significant risks. Anticipating and planning for sea level rise related coastal hazards now can help avoid or reduce the extent and severity of any sea level rise related damages or impacts Pismo may experience in the future.

Additionally, the City of Pismo Beach has many unique features, such as the campgrounds and beach areas near the downtown which are vulnerable to sea level rise already and are being specifically analyzed in the context of a Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment. The Vulnerability Assessment will detail Pismo’s unique sensitivities to Sea Level Rise and provide a basis for the development of policies intended to help the City adapt to Sea Level rise related coastal hazards.

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7. Why is sea level rise important to Pismo Beach?
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