What is Vulnerability Assessment?

An important component of sea level rise adaptation planning is preparation of a vulnerability assessment. The main steps in a vulnerability assessment include the following:

1) Determine the range of projections relevant to the LCP planning area
2) Identify potential physical sea level rise impacts in the LCP planning area
3) Assess potential impacts from sea level rise to coastal resources and development

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1. What is a General Plan?
2. Why is the city updating the Local Coastal Program now?
3. What is a Local Coastal Plan?
4. Timeline/Schedule
5. The predictions show that significant flodding and tidal inundation won't happen in the short term. Why does adaptation need to be established now?
6. How certain are the predictions?
7. Why is sea level rise important to Pismo Beach?
8. What is Vulnerability Assessment?
9. Who will pay for sea level rise adaptation projects?
10. How will input from the community be used in sea level rise planning locally?
11. Where can I find information about sea level rise predictions and associated coastal hazards?