What is a Short-Term Rental?

A Short-Term Rental (STR) is the rental of a detached single-family residence or accessory dwelling unit for less than 30 consecutive days where the primary residence is not being concurrently occupied by the owner (PBMC 17.113.020, 17.09.020). Existing duplexes or triplexes are not eligible to be used as Short-Term Rentals.  

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1. What is a Short-Term Rental?
2. What is a Homestay Rental?
3. Is there a difference between the application for a Short-Term Rental license and a Homestay license?
4. What is the Good Neighbor Policy?
5. How are 'days' counted when regulating STRs versus long-term rentals?
6. Can I rent my ADU as an STR?
7. Do I need to live in my STR once it is licensed?
8. My property is in the correct zone, but I'm in a condominium or planned development, can I rent my home as an STR/Homestay?
9. I just bought a new house, when can I apply for an STR license?
10. What if my house has an existing, attached ADU, am I eligible for an STR?
11. Who enforces the STR Ordinance?
12. What if I know of an unlicensed STR/Homestay in my neighborhood?
13. I am renting my home on a month-to-month basis, am I subject to the standards and provisions of this ordinance?
14. What are the fines if a residence is operating as an unlicensed STR?
15. Do I need a Business License for my STR?
16. What can I expect at the STR / Homestay inspection?
17. What is the difference between a Vacation Rental and Short-Term Rental?