What is a Homestay Rental?

A Homestay Rental is an owner occupied, detached single-family residence where bedrooms are rented for compensation for less than thirty consecutive days (PBMC 17.113.020, 17.09.020). 

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1. What is a Short-Term Rental?
2. What is a Homestay Rental?
3. Is there a difference between the application for a Short-Term Rental license and a Homestay license?
4. What is the Good Neighbor Policy?
5. How are 'days' counted when regulating STRs versus long-term rentals?
6. Can I rent my ADU as an STR?
7. Do I need to live in my STR once it is licensed?
8. My property is in the correct zone, but I'm in a condominium or planned development, can I rent my home as an STR/Homestay?
9. I just bought a new house, when can I apply for an STR license?
10. What if my house has an existing, attached ADU, am I eligible for an STR?
11. Who enforces the STR Ordinance?
12. What if I know of an unlicensed STR/Homestay in my neighborhood?
13. I am renting my home on a month-to-month basis, am I subject to the standards and provisions of this ordinance?
14. What are the fines if a residence is operating as an unlicensed STR?
15. Do I need a Business License for my STR?
16. What can I expect at the STR / Homestay inspection?
17. What is the difference between a Vacation Rental and Short-Term Rental?