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1. How can I get a copy of the agenda?
2. How can I get a copy of a staff report?
3. How can I get a copy of a Resolution or Ordinance?
4. How do I request copies of City documents?
5. How can I submit a concern, question, request, suggestion, etc. to the City?
6. How can I find out what happened at a Council meeting?
7. How can I get a DVD of a City Council meeting?
8. When is the next City Council election and what are the requirements to run for office?
9. How do I obtain a Marriage License?
10. Can I get married on the beach?
11. Where do I get the City's demographics?
12. Can I apply for a Passport at City Hall?
13. Where do I go for Birth, Death, or Marriage Certificates?
14. How often is the City Newsletter published and how is it distributed?
15. How do I file an appeal to the of a Planning Commission decision?