Community Camera Partnership

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What is the program?

The Community Camera Partnership Program is a new addition to the Pismo Beach Police Department crime prevention effort strategy. The program provides the Pismo Beach Police Department with a proactive partnership with residents and businesses alike to keep our city safe and solve crime. Register HERE

How does it work?

The Pismo Beach Police Department has made it possible for residents and business owners to voluntarily register the presence of video surveillance cameras within the city. This program provides an invaluable investigative tool for the Pismo Beach Police Department to easily identify locations of video surveillance systems and request assistance in obtaining that video evidence.

What are the benefits of participating?

Having a partnership with the community assists the City of Pismo Beach and its Police Department with maintaining a proactive, problem-solving approach by offering an additional tool to deter criminal activity in our neighborhoods. This program will also provide a quicker way to identify the potential of video evidence of criminal activities that community members may not be aware of. This proactive communication between the Pismo Beach Police Department and the community strengthens the partnership to provide another positive step towards a safer community.

What about my privacy?

The registration program is CONFIDENTIAL and voluntary. The City of Pismo Beach and the Pismo Beach Police Department WILL NOT HAVE DIRECT ACCESS to any surveillance footage. This registration program allows the Pismo Beach Police Department to be aware of the existence of cameras in a specified location when a crime occurs in or around a particular neighborhood. In the event a crime occurs in the area of a registered camera, the police may, if necessary, contact participants of the program and request a copy of their footage for evidence or investigative leads.

Only members of the Pismo Beach Police Department will have access to the Surveillance Camera Registration Program list of participants. If a crime occurs, officers and investigators will use an internal crime mapping tool to locate any registered cameras that exist and be of assistance.

The program is completely, 100%, voluntary and you may choose to opt out of the program at any time.

How often will I be contacted?

It is the hope of the Pismo Beach Police Department that you will never be contacted. Although, if an incident occurs in your area and the Pismo Beach Police Department believes your surveillance system may assist in the investigation, you will be contacted.

As changes or upgrades occur with your system or you have questions about the program, please contact the Pismo Beach Police Department Investigations Bureau for updates.

Detective Sergeant Anthony Hernandez 

(805) 773-7019

Register HERE