What Does My Utility Bill Pay For?

Clean, Safe, and Reliable Drinking Water

The City is committed to maintaining sustainable, reliable, and cost-effective water and wastewater systems. The City’s water quality is tested weekly, and all water quality standards are met without exception. Read about how the City’s water system met all federal and state drinking water standards in the City’s 2022 water quality report at www.pismobeach.org/waterquality. In order to maintain this water quality, several capital projects are proposed to be supported by your water payments, including the: New Production Well; Advanced Metering Infrastructure; Bello Reservoir Roof Replacement, Charles Street Reservoir Replacement; and Bello-Price/Highway 101 Waterline Upgrade.

Protecting Public Health and the Environment with City’s Wastewater Treatment Plant

The City’s wastewater quality is exceptional, far exceeding the standards established by the California State Regional Water Quality Control Board. In order to meet federal and state laws and regulatory requirements, several capital projects are proposed to be supported by your wastewater payments, including the: Advanced Metering Infrastructure; Wastewater Maintenance and Improvement; and Harloe Lift Station Bluff Stabilization.

New Drought-Resistant Water Supply: Central Coast Blue for Water Sustainability

Central Coast Blue is a regional water sustainability project that will create a new, high-quality, and drought-resistant water supply for Pismo Beach, Grover Beach, and Arroyo Grande. These communities are designing and building a new advanced water purification facility to create a high-quality water source to supplement local groundwater supplies, with Pismo Beach serving as the lead agency. This project allows these communities to have sufficient water supplies even in times of drought.

The project includes construction of an Advanced Treatment Facility to treat water from the City of Pismo Beach's Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) to produce purified water that is purer than most bottled water. The purified water will be injected into the groundwater basin to supplement the natural groundwater supply and to create a seawater intrusion barrier.

Central Coast Blue will enhance local supply reliability and help protect the community from droughts by diversifying supply sources and keeping communities from becoming too reliant on any one source of water. This project also reduces the amount of treated effluent released by Pismo Beach’s WWTP  into the ocean by 74%. For more information, visit www.centralcoastblue.com.

Maintaining Sustainable Water and Wastewater Systems

Water and wastewater rates support the overall financial plans for water and wastewater. These financial plans account for increasing operating expenses, including support for rising personnel costs, electricity, chemicals, and purchased water (State Water and Lopez Lake water). The financial plans also include ensuring adequate reserves and debt service coverage ratios.