My Cop Program

​About the Program​

The "My Cop" program focuses on a full service personalized policing method where the same officer is assigned to a specific area working in a proactive partnership with citizens to identify and solve problems in a non-traditional manner. The program assigns each officer to a specific zone within the city.  The officer assigned will be responsible for the zone.  This does not mean that the officer handles all calls for service in this zone, but instead is a contact person for long term issues in the specific zone.  
The "My Cop" program assists in managing the quality of life for the residents and businesses within the City of Pismo Beach.  It is a way to address concerns before they escalate into major problems.  "My Cop" allows the officers to take ownership of their assigned zone and reach out to the residents and businesses to help them solve some of the issues that they have within their residing area.

My Cop Zones 1 -12

Zones with numbers
Zone Boundaries
Zone 1 - North City limits to north side of Beachcomber North.
Zone 2 - South side of Beachcomber North to Park Place, east/west of freeway.
Zone 3 - South of Park Place to Wawona, west of freeway and the south private gate to Costa Rica, east of freeway.
Zone 4 - Esparto to Mattie Rd, west of freeway and south of Costa Rica to south end of Mattie, east of freeway.
Zone 5 - South of Mattie to Pomeroy, west of freeway.
Zone 6 - South of Pomeroy to Butterfly Grove, west of freeway and west of the railroad tracks (South Dolliver corridor).
Zone 7 - Five Cities Dr. and James Way connection to south City limit, west of freeway.
Zone 8 - Pismo heights to Pismo Creek, east of freeway.
Zone 9 - South of Pismo Creek to Highland to include Capana and 300 James Way, east of freeway.
Zone 10 - South of Highland and 300 James to south edge of Chumash Park, east of freeway.
Zone 11 - South edged of Chumash Park to Narlene, east of freeway.
Zone 12 - Houston Way to Oak Park, east of freeway.
Zone 13 - Out of jurisdiction.
Zone Officers
  • Zone 1 - Officer Pullen
  • Zone 2 - Officer Downs
  • Zone 3 - Officer Ellis
  • Zone 4 - Officer Rockwood
  • Zone 5 - Officer Logoluso
  • Zone 6 - Officer Laughlin
  • Zone 7 - Officer Stingley
  • Zone 8 - Corporal Hanson
  • Zone 9 - Corporal Espinoza
  • Zone 10 - Corporal Jimenez
  • Zone 11 - Officer Goodrich
  • Zone 12 - Officer Anderson