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Annual Qualified Bidder List

The City has recently contracted with QualitBidders - Colbi Technologies to provide a free web based process for CUPCCAA (informal bidding) list registration. To complete an application, please click here to sign up and create an account. If you already have an account with QualityBidders, please log in to submit your application.

Although this list is labeled as the CUPCCAA (informal bidding) list, the City will post notices on all Public Works Projects (formal and informal bids) to all contractors who have applied for the City's CUPCCAA list that year, as well as email those notices to the contractors on the list.

Department of Industrial Relations Information

If you work or bid on a public works project, then you are considered a public works contractor. The term "public works contractor" includes subcontractors. All public works contractors must fulfill four key responsibilities.

DIR has extensive information regarding public works requirements on its Public Works website, including instructions for contractors on how to register.